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Monday, January 09, 2006

The End of my Gaming?

As usual it's been awhile for a post. I think this is the longest I've gone but hopefully I'll get back on the posting bandwagon. Back in September I started working at Sam Goody's part time. I only worked a few days a week most of the time, but over the holidays I was pulling 40 hour weeks there. I didn't realize how I missed working alot until then. Well not really miss it, but I can work from sun up to well past sun down if you'll let me. I used to do it at ACS all the time and it's a little different with 2 jobs. Only hard part was getting from one to the other in time. But I was part of the holiday layoffs so I'm currently looking for another job. I figure I'll take it easy this month and then start of next month, once the holiday layoffs are done everywhere, I'll start looking again.

I'm at a crossroads as far as gaming goes. I was actually almost ready to quit it all together. After the Underdark Prerelease in late October, I went an amazing 4-15 over the next several tournaments. So then at our KY Open I put forth and ultimatum, either pick it up or get out of it altogether. I went 2-2 and had decided beforehand that if I went less than that, which was possible the way it'd been going, that it wasn't worth it. 2-2 though and I took a month off of it after that. I'm back in it but just not sure how much of a drive I have left for these games. I mean back a year or so ago when me and 3000 went to Ohio, I wanted to win bad. Could be why I ended up winning, just had the sheer drive for it. Now though I lack that.

I know that that was awhile ago and everything, but once you do it, it's done. How many people win one of these tournaments? Not many. When you win one, it is the instant validation that you'll ever need. You are no longer just a player, you are a former regional champ. Add that together with being formerly ranked #2 in the World for Star Wars minis along with my domination of Mage Knight when I played it, and I think I am a pretty good player overall. But my performance lately has been slacking. I can blame it on the dice, but maybe I'm just about done with gaming. After my championship, I said anything else I would do in gaming was icing on the cake, and I still feel that way.

If I get out of it this time, I think it'll be for good so I'm going to take my time before I rush into any decisions. Although I would love to make a comeback and start performing at the level I know I'm capable of. If I keep performing poorly, then it's pretty much a foregone decision that I'll be making. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

President Jerry Damage

Wow have I neglected this thing. It's been 2 months since my last post, if not longer. And what got me posting again? Why my seat in line to become President of the United States of course.

Get your position here

That's right, I Jerry Damage himself am in line for the Presidency of the United States. After 3603 people have had their chance, I will be President. 3603 is doable in my lifetime I figure. I've got awhile to decide what my first act as President will be. But you can bet that it'll be worthy of the wait.

In other news, work is going good. They've moved us to working 4 10 hour days in order to help out with gas. I've taken this opportunity to get a 2nd job to have some extra income floating in. I'll be working at Sam Goody starting this Friday. I looked at some other part time jobs like a Gas Station and KMart. Kmart was an option that I considered but they weren't hiring. Taking applications does not mean we are hiring as I've found out. And the Gas Station is not an option right now with gas prices. Last thing I want to be selling is something that everyone wants and hates to have to get because it costs an arm and a leg. But Sam Goody seemed like a good fit. I won't be working more than 10-20 hours a week there which works out fine for me.

I've also just recently gotten over an infection from a year and a half ago when our dogg Maxx attacked me. Maxx was a rockweiler we'd had about 10 years and kept in a pin outside. One day I went to feed him and he got loose. I caught him and was bringing him home and he wasn't ready to come home yet and attacked me. He growled quit a bit when I first got him and I should have let go at that point. But I didn't and he did what an animal would do in that case. Both of my forearms got banged up pretty bad and on my right forearm I've had this recurring infection. I went to the doctor about it finally and he gave me some antibiotic creme which cleared it up.

I've been gone for 2 months and the best story I've got is that I had to clear up an infection with some antibiotic creme. That's sad. So here's what I've really been doing. Two months ago the FBI called me and said they needed my expertise help in a matter of national defense. So I said of course, anything I can do to help my country. Apparently there was this group of Al Quida terrorists who liked to play minis games and play D&D. My mission was to infiltrate these terrorists and spoil their evil mission. Their evil mission was to play lots of D&D and minis games and slowly make them socially acceptable. Through a series of awkward, inept, bizarre, dumbfounded, misappropriate, and hilarious adventures I was able to foil their plot. And with a double black book secret medal of thanks from the president, I'm back to bring the true story of where I've been to my friends and readers. All 3 of you.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Two updates in 1 week, hell has frozen over. When you got stuff to write about, I guess it's easy to update the old blog. This past weekend, Brooke and I went to my buddy Tony's wedding. I was a groomsman for the wedding and asked Brooke to go along with me so that we could possibly get a few ideas for our own wedding and it'd give her a chance to get to know some of my friends. I took off work Friday and went to Middlesboro Thursday night so me and Brooke could leave together on Friday. Friday we had the rehearsal and dinner to go to so we drove up to Paris, KY. for that. The rehearsal was simple and we were told how to stand and what we needed to do, etc. Seemed pretty simple. After that we went over to the bride's grandmothers house for the dinner. It was really good and it was great to get a chance to catch up with a bunch of my friends that I haven't hung out with or seen in a few years. It's weird how we can all live so close but never see each other. After the dinner we all went over to Tony's apartment and watched some old stuff we'd filmed on Tony's camera. We had some little movies and stuff we'd filmed and I'd forgotten how funny most of it was.

Saturday was the big day. The wedding wasn't until 7:30 so me and Brooke had some time to kill. I picked up my tux and then we went to Lexington and got some lunch and shopped. We spent alot of time in Toys R' Us looking for a present for Ashtie. I think we looked at everything they had in the store before it was over with. We looked at some of the baby stuff and it was sooo cute. I know Brooke and I aren't planning on that yet, but I do look forward to when we do have kids. After Toys R' Us, we went over to the church so I could get ready. We had a little wait and just goofed off a bit while we waited for it to get close to 7:00 so we could go downstairs. Our part in the wedding was simple, walk in, stand there, escort people to their seats, and walk out with a bridesmaid. Simple right? Yes and no. What we had to do was easy. However, in rehearsal, the preacher made it sound like it would be short. If that's what he was going for, he failed. I'm all for a sermon and a wedding. But not together. Especially when you're standing up in a hot church with rental tuxedo shoes on that have no give in them whatsoever and hurt like a mother. So after an hour and a half, Tony and Alaina were married and went on to cut the cake and have their first dance. Alaina did shove the cake in Tony's face, which is something that Brooke has warned me about doing to her. Tempting as it is to do, she'd kill me for it so I'll put that temptation aside.

After the wedding we headed back to Middlesboro and finally got home around 1:30. Sunday we both rested as we could and we got a chance to play with Ashton. Brooke was still wore out so I took Ashton outside to play while Brooke took a nap. Me and Ashton had fun playing on the trampoline for a few hours. There was a little girl who was visiting from church as well and Ashtie had a lot of fun playing with her. Ashtie took a nap after that and me and Brooke sat down and finally watched Napolean Dynamite. She hadn't seen it yet and loved it.

This weekend helped me and Brooke out alot. Wedding are infectious with their romance and I think it wore off onto both of us. I know that right now I love her more than ever and cannot wait until she and I get married. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her. Every weekend I go down there, I fall more and more in love with her and know that I'm a very lucky man to have found such a great woman. I'm also a very lucky man to have such a wonderful daughter in Ashton. I'm growing closer to her too and am growing to love her just as much as I do Brooke.

In other news, today is my birthday. I am officially 24 today. My original plans were to take today off of work. Who likes to work on their birthday after all. At work, since I'm on a federal contract, we get our birthday's off for a federal holiday. That's right, a paid day off for your birthday. Some kinks in the system however when I tried to talk to the lady about it today. She had to check on it and would let me know today. Which made no sense since today was the day I was wanting to take off. Oh well, maybe I'll fake sick and leave early, a little birthday present to myself ;).

In other other news, Brooke has decided she wants to give me a makeover. Not like hair and makeup, but wardrobe, etc. She started calling me Hollywood this weekend because I take a little bit of time to get ready when we go somewhere. I have to admit that I like the nickname. Hollywood is a name that suites me. I'm interested to see how she decides to make me over.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Post Slacking

Well it's been a while since my last update to say the least. As I posted before, me and Brooke are engaged. I've been spending alot of time down there on weekends as of late. Me, her, and Ashton are becoming a family. I've really grown to love them both even more than I did before. Ashton is the sweetest, brightest, and well mannered kid I've ever seen. Yes I am a little biased, but she really is a great kid. And of course me and Brooke are getting closer with each visit. As I'm writing this, she's telling me to say that she's the shit. We've set a date for Memorial Weekend, 2006. After that we'll be husband and wife. I finally met her father back on Memorial Weekend of this year. He's a nice guy and I got the official thumbs up from her dad. Always a good way to start things off.

In work related news, the department I was on had overhired in order to get everything caught up. They had to get rid of 10 people and lucky me was 1 of the 10. Rather than lay us off though they moved us onto this other project which was 100 times easier. It also pays more so needless to say I'm loving it. They transferred the project to Mt. Vernon however so I have to drive an extra 5 minutes every morning to work. No biggie and it's a little bit more laid back up there. In London you could get away with looking on the internet and extra breaks, but weren't allowed to wear hats, have any food/drink at your desk, or have any paper or anything to write with at your desk either. Up here you can do the later, but it's harder to get away with extra breaks and things. A weird reverse. I like it though and am trying to move up. I've got a few applications in for some positions with Sourcecorp and with ACS for my old job. Hopefully I'll be hearing about one of those soon. I figure if I keep putting in for jobs that I'll get one sooner or later.

In other news, my car has had massive troubles. Last summer, I had some trouble out of it from where it overheated. "Luckily" that only cost 650 to repair. This summer, she had trouble again. She overheated and it caused the head gasket to go bad. Luckily it didn't crack it as that would have required me to get a whole new engine. This time around it "only" ran me 850 overall. In comparison to how bad it could have been, it's cheap. But until I win the lottery, 850 is still alot of money.

In gaming news, I've picked up D&D minis as a new game. I like playing it as there's alot more guys that play it than Star Wars. Star Wars basically boiled down to me and Rob and whoever won between us would win the tourny. After awhile it got old and I needed a change. I'm starting to trade in some Star Wars stuff for D&D stuff and am only getting things I'll play with. It'll be alot cheaper if I do that than try to collect them all. Maybe once I win the lottery I'll have full sets, but until then I'm fine with only having what I'll use.

Also, today was my last day as an Envoy for Wizkids. I'd been debating for awhile now if I still wanted to do it or not, but hadn't gotten to doing it yet. After 2 1/2 years of doing it almost every single weekend, it's hard to just give it up and walk away from it. However, after not reporting a few events on time, they gave me some penalty marks and I got kicked out by the system. I could probably get reinstated if I sent them an email, but I decided not to after thinking about it. I'm fairly busy now and just don't have the time for it. My weekends are in Middlesboro with Brooke and Ashton and during the week, it's hard to get up there and get back at a decent hour for work the next day. So, after thinking it over, I sent emails to the places I was judging at and let them know that I was not going to try to be reinstated. I'm going to go back to playing when I want to and I think I'll be fine with that. It'll be fun to go back to just playing. As of late I've had alot more fun playing and have had no fun judging. I think it was part burn out and part that I just wasn't into it anymore.

And lastly.....It's Quiz time!

Which Family Guy character are you?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What a Vacation

Well, I went on the trip with Brookie this weekend and it was a blast. I'd never been to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinberg before so it was fun to get to do that. We got down there about 10 or so Friday night and managed to find our cabin. This cabin was hidden down several backroads that was nearly impossible and very frustrating to find in the dark. Once we managed to find it though, the cabin was beautiful. It had alot of windows though and looked beautiful in the daytime with all the woods around it.

Saturday we went shopping in Pigeon Forge. Brooke found some outlet malls and we went in them. One of them even had a game store called Game Depot USA. I thought it was a video game store like Gamestop. Wrong. It easily had as many RPGs, Reaper Minis, Board games, and CCGs and CMGs that it could outstock the Scabbard. They had no areas to play though and thus it didn't seem as large as Scabbard does. I bought a few Star Wars minis boosters there as they had them selling for 10.39 a booster where Retail is normally 12.99. I pulled a Mace Windu out of one of them so I was pleased. Me and Brooke went back to the cabin and had a nice day.

Sunday we drove back and went through Morristown TN to get back. Morristown, as I mentioned last week, had a venue that was holding Star Wars Minis tournaments. I had emailed the guy who runs them a few times last week to get the info like times, directions, points, etc. We ended up getting to the store before they opened so we got some lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. The waitress left called us a cute couple on our reciept so I thought that was sweet. Then we headed over to the store. I hadn't intended on playing, but it just so happened that after I had called to see what time he opened and get some directions from him, he called the other players to let them know I was there. They were hyped for another player to be there, let alone the #3 ranked player in the world. I hung out for a bit and talked minis with them and managed to get rid of some extras. I then played a few games. I left my tourny squad, Ultimate Therapy, in the box and played some Jedis. These guys weren't ready for Ultimate Therapy and after talking to them, I could tell that they hadn't played alot. I had fun and Mace Windu is a bad bad man is all I can say.

After that we headed back home. Other than a few traffic delays thanks to idiots, we made it back safe and sound. It was a great weekend and I have some wonderful news to share. It is now officially official. While me and Brooke had discussed marriage some, I officially proposed to her this weekend and she said yes. We haven't set a date yet and probably won't for awhile. The engagement is more of a committment to one another and to building a life together.

I've been spending quite a lot of time down there as of late and will continue to do so. With work requiring overtime that will last for at least the next few months, I'm having to give up judging Heroclix during that time as I'll be working on Saturdays now. I'll still get out in time to make Star Wars, but I won't be out in time for Heroclix and while I could move it, I think that would do it worse than just changing judges. I talked to Palerider about it and he agreed to take it over. This is the first time in a year and a half that I won't be judging anywhere. I'll still have my gameclub and will keep my status active through that, but it's time for a break from Heroclix. I'm still going to play, but I've been burnt out on it for awhile and with me going head strong into Star Wars and DCI, I think it's a good time to step away for a bit.

Being engaged to Brooke is a good feeling. I think we always want to meet the right person and settle down with them. I've sorted out the bad ones and finally found a great woman. Brooke is smart, beautiful, and a loving and caring woman and I'm very lucky to have her. Any woman that will go to a game store for a Star Wars tournament on VACATION is a woman who truly loves you and one that you should hold onto forever. The engagement is the first step towards building a life together for me and her and towards building a family with Ashton. I'm also very pleased that Ashton has taken to me like she has. I figured it would take some time for her to warm up to me, but she can't wait for Jerry to visit and push her on her blue swing.

I think things have finally turned around for me and it's a great feeling as I know that I'm truly blessed right now with everything that I have going on.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I'm back AGAIN!

Well, after posting for the first time in over a month, I go about 2 weeks without posting anything else. Way to follow up on that Jerry. The last few weeks have been going pretty good and I've got some good stuff to share so I figured I'd update everyone.

First off, I'll get all the game stuff out of the way. The Heroclix Marquees/Qualifiers have come and gone. I of course, didn't qualify. I've been playing Heroclix less and less and am thinking that some time away from the game is what's going to happen. I still love the game, but the competitive side of me for it has lessened alot. I feel that I've already proven myself at that game and will eventually make my comeback tour and get me another regional or a world title under my belt. It's a goal I'd like to try at least.

Star Wars minis has taken off big time. It is now officially ranked by the DCI and I'm proud to say that I'm currently ranked #3 in the world in it. The new set released this past weekend and I was able to walk away the winner of the release tournament. I got 2 extra boosters for the win, but bragging rights are the important part that come with it. I've got a tournament tommorrow that I plan on going to. Not sure what to play in it. I've toyed around with alot of armies so we'll have to see.

The new job at Sourcecorp is going great. We're working overtime now so that makes those paychecks a little better. Plus living at home means that I'm rent and most bills free. I've still got my cell-phone bill but that's all. This is a great way for me to get myself fixed financially.

Me and Brookiegirl are doing very well. Since moving back here I've been visiting her quite a bit. I finally got to meet Ashton and she is a doll. A real sweetheart and probably the smartest 2 year old I've ever seen. Me and Brooke are going on vacation this weekend and I think it's a trip that we could both use. A good chance to get away from everything and just relax for a few days. We're also going to be visiting a place in TN that is holding alot of Star Wars tournies. None of them are ranked very high. Wait til they see the #3 player in the world walk in the door ;).

Friday, March 18, 2005


That's right, after along month off, I'm finally back. To say that it has been a rocky month would be an understatement. I've went from having no job to maybe having one to just flat out being unemployed to putting in applications in everywhere that doesn't in in "restaurant" to finally landing a good job again. After a month of searching I finally got a job in London at Sourcecorp. I went in this Thursday to finish paperwork and they asked if I'd be willing to help out with more than just doing my normal job. I inquired as to what that would entail. He responded with he would be away alot on this job and that he needed a supervisor and I was the most qualified. And that felt great to know that they were wanting me for that. I mean I've been pretty down as of late since I tried repeatedly to get a job back at ACS. Despite me working from 7 am to 11 pm on almost a daily basis and showing more dedication in 1 week than most employees there did ever, they would not hire me. Despite me being to blow away their entry level exam, they would rather take someone who had no expierience and could barely key anything on a keyboard. Or at least that's how it comes off. But it is all worth it as I'm liking this new company alot more than ACS right now that's for sure.

I've been having to fight off a few bills as well. Now that I'm going to be working again I'll get caught up and those off my back though. I've been working the last few weeks at my favorite game store Fun Asylum. The owner went to Las Vegas for the GAMA trade show and hired me to run it while he was away. Not bad considering I'd be there anyways. Plus it's a little bit of money while I was out of work.

The timing of it works out well too. Next week is the Heroclix Marquees for DC Legacy. These are also the next round of qualifiers for the Wizard World championship series. I've pretty much dropped out of the Heroclix scene for the most part. I still judge and collect, but after this week I'll probably give it a break for awhile. The infighting and crap is a bit much and I'm tired of it. Why these stores have to battle it out over that game I'll never know. I've instead picked up Star Wars Minis as my new game of choice. Don't get me wrong, I still love Heroclix, but Star Wars just got officially sanctioned. That means it's a chance to be one of the best in the world at it. Imagine having something that you've been doing for a while suddenly become ranked so that you could show you were one of the best in the world at it. That's what's happened with Star Wars minis. I'm currently ranked 4th in the World at it and will jump up higher pretty soon as I beat the 2nd player in the World last night at a tournament. I've got some competition Saturday though and we'll have to see if my army of choice, "Shock Therapy" as I've dubbed it, can hold up to the pressure of a high ranking.

On another note I'm almost moved out of my apartment. I'll be moving back to London probably at the end of the week. Not too big of a deal. It puts me alot closer to Brookie and it's also alot cheaper and will allow me to save up some money now. Speaking of Brookie, me and her are doing wonderful and only seem to be getting stronger. There's a great connection between us and I think we both know there's a good future ahead for us.

Well that does it for me and my month long update. Look for more regular updates now that I'm back to posting again.